Culturally Inspired Fashion Accessories

Massai vs Kente Collection Out Now!

Ubuntu means

'A person is a Person through other Persons'


About Us


Jemima Kakpa and Melanie Onassis Lema are partners in the new venture ‘Ubuntu Fashion’, The Company is based in Southampton and was first founded in April 2012. Both had a deep passion for cultural fashion and soon after began the journey of designing, manufacturing and selling culturally inspired fashion accessories. The immediate influence in Ubuntu was that of East meets West.

Our Products

We currently produce accessories including earrings, necklaces, handbags for Women and will be adding Men’s accessories to our collections. Home ware items are also included in our unique range of products. Our products are skilfully handmade by skilled artisans in Africa. The label ‘Made in Africa’, has never been so hot! Both Melanie and Jemima are involved in the designing process during the production stage. Materials used to produce the collections include print fabrics, faux, wood and beads.

Ubuntu Fashion is based in Southampton (UK) and is a company limited by guarantee (company reg. no.: 8314845).

We employs fair trade principles and buy for a fair price and work to support Trade vs Aid.